Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mick Jagger Parenting

I may not have the "moves like Jagger", but today, I used the words of the ample-lipped crooner to help explain to Natalie why she can't have a tail.

On the way to preschool, she asked me how cats move their tails.  I'm no expert on felines, so I simply told her, "Cats move their tail the same way you would move your arm or leg.  It's part of their body." 

"Why didn't God give ME a tail?" she demanded.

"Honey, it's not just you.  He didn't create people to have tails," I responded.

"But, I REALLY want one!" she said.

"Why do you want a tail, Natalie?  What would you do if you had one?" I asked.

"I could be the best soccer player in the WORLD!" she confessed.

"Maybe you should talk to God about that," I suggested.

"Mom, can you tell Him for me?" she asked.

"No, you can talk to Him." I said.

"Will he give me one then?" she asked.

"Honey, just because you want something doesn't mean God is going to give it to you.  You can't always get what you want.  You get what you need," I said. 

No sooner had the words left my lips, and she was already bounding into her classroom, leaving her cat tail-soccer-dreams behind her.

Thanks, Mick.

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