Monday, April 30, 2012

Screen Free Does Not Equal Scream Free

Since my day began with whine, I think it only fitting that it end with a little wine.

Day 1 of Screen Free Living

Natalie's tactics to get me to cave today have ranged from, "I'm not ever going to watch TV again!" to "I'm never drinking chocolate milk (her fav) again!"  I'm not sure of her reasoning, but props to her for creativity.

Noah's tactic was to have me specify exactly what "screen free" entailed.  "What about computer games?"...and Wii?" made me think of Dr. Seuss', "Green Eggs and Ham" book.  I wanted to respond, not in the car, not on a train, not in your room or ever least for the next 6 days, but I kept it to myself.

Bring it on kids. 

All in all a good day.  Natalie and I baked cookies and played with her stuffed animals.  She wanted nothing to do with board games as she thinks they are all boring.  Noah on the other hand, enjoyed beating me at Magma Monster and Lego Ninjago.

Stay tuned...or tuned out. 
I plan to use this week to work on my next piece.  I'm calling it "The Potty Trainwreck".  It's a tough topic to share, but also an important one to discuss, as it is a common issue faced by many parents who have children on the autism spectrum. 

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