Thursday, April 19, 2012

In a Kitchen Far, Far, Away

Though we own quite possibly every Star Wars figurine, game, ship and card ever stamped with George Lucas’ seal of approval, I haven’t yet found or maybe George hasn’t yet figured out a way to capitalize on the aroma that is Star Wars.  If he did, I can assure you – I’d be having my Galactic Republic spices of Glitterstim and Ryll from the planet Kessel overnighted. 

Noah may resemble my husband and I – but our little clone has taste buds that come from a galaxy far, far away from ours.

One evening while preparing Fettuccini Carbonara, Noah, six at the time, walked by the kitchen with his face all screwed up and puckered and demanded, “What is that smell?" 
“I’m just frying some bacon,” I innocently replied. 
“Well, I don’t like it,” he stated.  Then added, “I only like Star Wars smells.”

Well, not only was my kid cuter than an Ewok, he was a marketing genius!  Why in the world hadn’t the King of Galactic enterprises, not thought to expand his Star Wars merchandising empire to include a line of spices and sauces, like Ectoplasmic Hot Sauce or Eukamint oil?  Mealtime in our household would be much more pleasant.  Right about now I could be sautéing my veggies in Fleek oil instead of lame o’ olive oil that sends my kid packing.  As I considered this, I lamented that I didn’t continue my college art education.  Instead of listening to a chorus of complaints from a pint-sized Padawan, I could be sculpting meatloaf into Wookiees and teddy bear-like Ewoks that no Jedi in training could refuse.  

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