Friday, December 20, 2013

Musings From Natalie #84

Me: "How is it all of your clothes are so dirty with holes in the knees?"
Natalie: "Oh!  That's because I crawl around on the blacktop. We play cheetahs at recess."
Me: Sigh...Can you still play it without crawling on the ground?"
Natalie: "I know!  I could  put my coat on the ground and crawl on top of that!"

Me: "Nat, your's filthy."
Natalie: "That's because we use it as a friends do it, too."
Me: "But then when you put your coat back on it's caked with dirt."
Natalie: "Mom, but I love nature and dirt is definitely involved in it."


  1. OHMYGOSH that is HILARIOUS!!! She has a point. lol

    1. Chris -- you are not allowed to come over to play. ;-)