Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Recap

Big butt or not...I had a fantastic Mother's Day.  For breakfast, Steve cooked and served us all crepes stuffed with strawberries and chocolate chips.  And, the best part?   He cleaned up his creative mess all by himself.

Any good mom worth her weight in...Peanut M&M's will agree with me -- homemade gifts trump store-bought gifts every time.  I only have to look at my own two, adorable homemade creations to know they are the best Mother's Day gifts I could ever receive.

Here's a look at some of the handcrafted gifts my two munchkins presented to me this year...Does that make them homemade gifts squared?

Noah gave me this "Best Mom" book. Since he absolutely struggles with fine motor skills - just him coloring the cover is a testament to how much he loves his Mom.

My favorite part - "especially nice to Tigger"...since our cat lives in the basement I'm not sure what that says about me.

 A drawing from Noah of the two of us sitting at the kitchen table...probably because that kid is hungry all the time. I think he must be part Hobbit because an hour after eating breakfast, he's ready for his second breakfast.    Natalie picked up on it and once asked me if I was a restaurant.

I wonder if "affording things" has anything to do with him wanting a certain $150 Lego set.
Chicken nuggets? "I didn't know what to say," he says.

 A drawing from Natalie of the two of us holding hands. I'm the one with the pointy butt...Is that better than a big butt? 

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