Saturday, May 19, 2012

With Loving Hands

Today is my grandmother’s birthday.  She passed away last October at the age of 95.  She was a spunky lady who raised 10 children and had 36 grandchildren and 28 great grandchildren. 
She even shared her birthday with her granddaughter, Molly and her great-grandson, Nick.  Happy Birthday Molly and Nick!
With Loving Hands
My grandmother’s hands were colossal to my preschooler eyes.
Thick, knobby digits marked by years of weathering
They tickled the ivories on Christmas Day.
Jingle Bells and Silent Night were favorites 
Strong and familiar
They once washed my newborn skin and made me boloney and mustard sandwiches.
A blur of activity
Palms doubled as measuring cups with fingertips for teaspoons.
They rolled, punched and produced a bit of heaven from flour and lard.
No blue ribbons sought
Her handiwork reserved for feeding an army of kin.
Family squabbles forgotten momentarily
Goodness spread with each airy morsel consumed
They threaded countless needles to create quilted heirlooms
Scraps of colorful fabrics elaborately embroidered
She inherited her mother’s green thumb
Flowering plants and tomatoes thrived under her care
They clapped for me when I blew out candles or donned a cap and gown
They embraced me when I said “I do” or shared news of a baby’s arrival
They counted my newborn’s toes
Her touch skilled at quieting the fussiest infants
I see them folded peacefully across her chest
Her legacy now lies at the end of my own arms

I recognize them.

Grandma shows her granddaughter, Marie, how to make biscuits

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