Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Who's the Boss?

Tonight as I was tucking Natalie into bed and wished her a good night, she responded (quite caringly, I might add), "Mom, get some good rest tonight.  Tomorrow, after we wake up, you'll get right to work."

Apparently, this afternoon Natalie took her teacher's suggestion of "dress in p.j's and bring your favorite breakfast item to school tomorrow" as a bona fide homework assignment.  So, although her typical breakfast meal consists of a bagel and chocolate milk -- in order to make the grade, we need to bring in homemade banana chocolate chip muffins. 

Soon after I heard, "Mom, when am I going to get a desk?" 

Anyone need a CEO?  Nat's available.

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  1. I just told Dana this about Ava--don't you know that your purpose on earth is to be Natalie's personal assistant? I realized this about my Mary when she was in junior high, and it was certainly escalated in HS and College. And now that she's getting married, fugeddaboutit. She will be 31 next month, and with marriage, a career and motherhood hopefully in her future, I don't see a retirement window for me anytime soon. Hopefully, she'll reward me by putting me in a nice nursing home. Or, I could write a tell-all book :-)