Thursday, May 24, 2012

Stupid is as Stupid Does

Dear Eight Year Old Boys at Tilles Park:

Today you missed out on an awesome opportunity to get to know a really funny and creative kid.  Noah is NOT stupid, however, your choice to use that word to describe him only reflects poorly on you.

Although I will spend the remainder of the afternoon trying to erase your hurtful words from his thoughts, I will also pray that the next time you meet someone different from you that you'll show a better side of yourself than I witnessed today.

Good things come in small packages...but, really good things come in packages that don't quite fit inside the constraints of any box.


Noah's Mom
a.k.a. Master Windu's Mom

Bubble Large Enough to Safely House One Very Cute, Loveable Boy
Money is No Object
Please Call 1-800-SERENITYNOW


  1. Ug...hang in there Andrea. My daughter came home last night and said "(Name of girl in her class) officially hates me." And then the tears. And of course there was no good reason for said "hate." So hard to see their little hearts trampled. Lucky for Noah he has a great mom and what sounds like a little sister to be reckoned with. Hugs to you all.

  2. Sorry Andrea, we had one of those episodes at church not too long ago. I'm still trying to forgive "ignorance" can be hard. I've also decided that it's ok to be "angry" angry, cry, write blogs like this and then, wish those kids well and let it go. :) :) :) Noah IS awesome!!! Know that he has lots of friends/family who love him even though he's "different"!!! :)
    Take care,