Tuesday, October 30, 2012

All About Leafy by Natalie

My kids are like most -- they just love animals.  But, for Natalie, her love extends to include all of God's creatures...even those with up to 100 legs.  A few weeks ago she found a caterpillar in our yard and was all too happy to snatch it up and take care of it.  She was so in love with her new wormy friend, that she decided to write a book about him. However, after several days of feeding him leaves and rinsing out his jar, she announced, "Caterpillars are so much work!"

Yeah...so, if taking care of the needs of a pet the size of my pinky finger are too much for her, I'm pretty sure we aren't ready to add any furry friends to our family.

And, after reading her book, I realized -- caterpillars and kids have a lot in common.


  1. SO adorable!!! I can't believe how well she can spell! MUST keep that book somewhere special... what a treasure! :)

  2. Oh! she had help with some of it -- she's a trip.