Sunday, October 14, 2012

I"m So Happy...Scouts Honor

A few weeks ago Noah came home waving a "Join the Cub Scouts" flyer in my face.

"Mom!  I want to join Cub Scouts!  Jacob is in it and he told me I should join so I can be in it with him," shared Noah.

"Ok," I replied.

While my face and body remained neutral, my insides were doing flip flops.  Suddenly, Jacob was my new favorite name.  Since Noah began 3rd grade, I've been bracing myself for his social life at school to become increasingly more difficult.  For years I've been warned that social challenges typically become even more pronounced in 3rd grade. However, knock on wood, this has not been the case for us.  Sure...his school work this year has been fraught with more tears and anxiety over spelling tests and science tests.  And, because of his dyslexia and other learning challenges he's reading below grade level, handwriting is difficult and math is a constant source of frustration, but none of that matters because the other day Noah told me, "Mom, I think Jacob is a little bit my friend."

My happiness meter reading was off the charts that day.  Though he's been invited to parties and I've arranged play dates, this is the first time he's spoken of having a friend at his own classroom.  Most often I hear from him how much he wants a friend, but doesn't feel like he fits in or that kids don't understand him.  And the blessings have continued to pour in.  Without prompting from me, Steve suggested that he attend the Cub Scout informational meeting with Noah himself.  When he returned, I learned that not only had he enrolled Noah to become a member of Pack 314, but he also signed himself up as a volunteer.  Suddenly, my two boys had a means to connect and spend quality time with each other in a way that they hadn't before --something they both sorely needed.  Since Noah is not a sports kid and did not inherit his Dad's hunting and fishing gene, recreation between the two has been quite limited.  Also, joining the Cub Scouts would provide Noah with an opportunity to interact with kids his own age, outside of a school setting.

Fast forward to today, Steve and Noah have had quite a few adventures together including; building a tool box, target shooting with BB guns and slingshots and participating in a few science experiments to earn his first badge.  He's even built up his courage enough to begin selling popcorn for his pack.

I just love a man in uniform.

Noah is ready to hit the pavement with his lovely assistant.

He was nervous at first, but after a few successful sales,
he began offering his opinion on popcorn flavors.

We couldn't keep Natalie away.  

If you are interested in having Noah come to your door to give his spiel on the yummy flavors of popcorn offered for sale by the Cub Scouts, drop me an email at andrea (at) therapyonwry (dot) (com).  For those who live outside of the St. Louis area, online ordering is available.


  1. What a great story!!! Bless Noah's heart!! He is adorable!! I love that your hubby stepped up and dove into this new exciting adventure!! What a perfect opportunity for Noah to really thrive in a social setting! So glad your family is blessed. :) (and love that Natalie!)

  2. Watching your child ache for friends is heart wrenching. My daughter is an only and sometimes had trouble feeling completely "at home" with girl friends at school. I'm so glad Noah is enjoying new adventures. :)

  3. Scouts do such great things for so many kids. Glad he's enjoying it and I think it's 4th grade when the troubles start ;). Well, at least that has been my experience with my daughters. It might be different with girls. They are really so caddy with each other and it seems so young.

    Happy Share Saturday ;).

    1. Scouts has definitely been a blessing for us. Thanks for stopping in.

  4. This brings back so many memories for me. My 16 year old daughter is autistic, and her social life suffers at times. She is a very happy child (teachers always rave on her happiness), but sometimes teenagers don't want to be bothered with her. We've had two boyfriends that both broke up with her via text message. She is very active, loves singing and acting and that's where she gets her enjoyment. This will be her 2nd school musical and she's in the concert choir. I hope your son enjoys the scouts, he looks so handsome in his uniform! Visiting from SITS, and my tears are happy tears.

    1. That's awesome that your daughter has found a fun outlet to share her gifts with others and allows her to be with kids her own age.

  5. I have two grown sons. Both are Eagle Scouts. I spent 14 years with them as a leader in scouting and saw all the boys from the pack and then the troop blossom into wonderful young men.

    One of the boys in the troop had special needs but the other boys, through great leadership, didn't seem to notice. They even talked this young man into joining the track team to run the mile race.

    I was so proud at the first meet, when the other scouts ran with him the last lap of the race and cheered madly as he crossed the finish line even though he finished well behind all of the other runners.

    I think the cheering boys that day were as blessed as the runner.

    1. Wow. Congratulations on raising two, fine boys. Thanks for stopping in.