Monday, June 11, 2012

A Fly on the Wall

A fly on the wall...and, then on the window and then...

Sometimes I feel bad when Steve comes home from work and is greeted with a chorus of demands from the kids.  Alright, I don't feel that bad...

Today, the moment Steve's foot entered the house, he heard, "Dad!  I think we are in peril!" shrills Noah from the kitchen.

"Hi Noah.  How was your day?" asked Steve.

"Dad!  There's a fly in the house!" screamed Noah.

"Noah, it's just a fly.  It can't hurt you," replied Steve.

"No!  It bites!  I think we may need an exterminator," Noah shrieked as he ducked his head.

Hmm....maybe I need to enroll BOTH Noah and Natalie in drama school.

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