Wednesday, June 27, 2012

All Kinds of Things

Yesterday Natalie decided she not only wanted to create a book, she wanted to sneak it into the library in hopes that someone would check it out.  Though after making her book, she shared with me she wasn't sure about how to have it "licensed" so someone could check it out using the library's scanning system. I told her I didn't know how to go about doing that either, but assured her the librarians would know.

When we arrived at the library, Natalie approached the return slot and started to slide her book in, but I persuaded her to take her book to the counter instead.  She introduced herself to a nice librarian named Brooke as I helped to explain Natalie was interested in sharing her book with others and wondered if she would accept it.

Librarian Brooke told Natalie it made her day to be able to read her story and she would be sure  others had the opportunity to read it also.

On the car ride home, Natalie asked me what kinds of people did I think would check out her book.  I told her with a title like, "All Kinds of Things," the possibilities were endless.

I hope she grows up to become an adult who believes all kinds of things are possible.

"All Kinds of Things" by Natalie 

Pages. 1-2 "My name is Lily.  I am enjoying the sunshine."

Pages. 3-4 A moon and stars and an owl that says,"who"
"I am George.  I am going to the Arch."

Page 4 "I am Jacob.  This is inside of my stomach.  I ate blueberries and a few grapes and a banana and a red pepper."

Page 5 "My name is Natalie.  I'm holding a pupa."

Page 6 "Hi!  I'm a snowflake.  These are my friends."

The End

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