Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pop Goes the Dream

Natalie often has very vivid dreams.  She not only sees in color...her night time adventures include tastes and smells.  Here's one from the other night:

I was sleeping in my bed and it was pink with Dora on it with purple and rainbow walls, but I woke up in the car.  We were driving to the paint store to get a new color for my brother.  His favorite color was invisible camel (I think she meant camouflage). Then I saw Pop.  He is a gray rabbit with a puffy tail. He had on pants and a jacket.  He was holding a sad-looking statue.  

The rabbit said, "What are you sad about?" The statue didn't answer.

And I said, "Pop! Come here! Pop be my family!"

Then he hopped to the window of my car.  My mother and my father and my brother said, "You have a pet rabbit?"  Also, in my dream my brother's name was not Noah - it was Jacob and I was called Lily.

Then Pop took my hand and hopped as fast as he could and took me to a Cardinal game and we watched it while floating in the air.  There were no people, but there was cotton candy and the cotton candy cost $50 and there was also zero cost cotton candy.  We chose the zero dollar one because it cost no money.  The zero dollar one was jelly bean flavor and the $50 one was honeysuckle flavor.

Then we played with balls and puppets and we pretended it was a real ball and we could play baseball.  We used Pop's hat for a ball and we hit it.  I got a homerun and Pop did a good throw and he put his hat back on his head after tossing it up in the air.  Then he hopped as fast as he could and took my hand and took me to a fire station and let me play with the fire hose.  He let me put on the clothes and slide down the pole and he let me drive the firetruck. Then he let me drive a boat and a helicopter. It was so much fun.  Then me and Pop woke up and it was all a dream in our heads.  Pop is still part of my family, though.

The End

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