Saturday, June 30, 2012

Musings from Natalie #4

A few months ago Natalie started coining the phrase, "a smokin' song".  According to her, this refers to a song being "rock 'n roll" or "cool".  This week, from the backseat I heard, "Mom, this isn't a smokin' song.  I want a smokin' girl song," declared Nat.

So, I began flipping through the stations.  When I came upon Carly Rae Jepsen's song, "Call Me Maybe," she decided it fit the bill.

I learned that she calls Teddy, her 12 year old, junior camp counselor, "Smokey Pants".
(Good grief.  I'm going to need a padded cell by the time she's a teenager.)

While swimming laps at our community pool, Natalie told Steve to slow down because, "I'm not meant for speed."

Upon getting in our steamy car I put the windows down and cranked up the A/C, however,  Natalie was soon asking me to roll the windows back up because, "the wind is blowing my Barbie's hair all over the place -- making it a mess!"

I started up the car and what came blaring from the speakers was,"I feel sexy and free!" by Jessie J. Natalie immediately asked, "Is that inappropriate?  Because I kinda like it".

Dear God: 
Please send help

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