Friday, June 8, 2012

Musings from Natalie #1

"Mom, would you put this lily in my hair?...and then, could you call me
Tigerlily instead of Natalie?"  she asked.

Since age 4, she's been trying to reinvent herself.  Other names she's wished to be known as include; Daisy and Sugar.

Yesterday she asked me if she was too young to act - oh boy!

Day 2 of the pool opening: Natalie approached an older gentleman standing in one of the lap lanes and asked him if he wanted to race.  It never occurred to her that she had never swam a lap in her life and the only swim lessons she had ever had were a two week course taken through the Red Cross last summer.  She didn't win, but she never quit, either.  Five days later she told me she wanted to swim a lap as she wanted to be a champion swimmer.  She swam five laps...each one without stopping.

Natalie: "Mom, I need to get this tooth out!  I have to show Jenna today."
Me: "Honey, it’s not loose enough."
Natalie: "It IS really loose and I WILL wiggle it out.  You are wrong, Mom!" stated Natalie

"When am I going to get to be on T.V.?" she asked.

Natalie: "Mom, what is that?" (pointing to my wine glass)
Me: "Wine"
Natalie: "When can I have some?"
Me: "When you are 21."
Natalie: "Argh!  I've been a kid forever!"

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