Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Day! Camp Begins

It's a great day...or should I say happy day, here at our house, as today marks the first day of Camp Happy Day for Noah.  He's super excited and I am, too!

It's been a rough three weeks.  I've been running myself ragged taking the kids to a different St. Louis attraction almost every day.  I wasn't trying to win any Mom award, I was just trying to keep them happy -- especially Noah because he doesn't really have any friends. And, although school isn't his favorite place to be, it provides him with a routine and allows him to play alongside kids his own age who know him and are familiar with his quirks.

Camp Happy Day not only gives him a routine, which he craves, it also provides a safe place for Noah to be himself without ridicule.  Since this is his 4th year attending camp, he knows what to expect and is looking forward to making some friends.  For me, camp provides peace of mind that Noah will receive the academic instruction he needs to keep from losing skills he previously learned during the school year.

We could not have sent Noah to Camp Happy Day without Action for Autism's help.  If you do not know about Action for Autism St. Louis or Camp Happy Day, click here to learn how our story began.

Does he look happy for camp or what?!


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