Monday, June 25, 2012

Just Because You Think It...Doesn't Make It So

Noah's favorite...and by favorite I mean first and only pair of swim goggles, stopped working properly.  The lenses had begun separating from the frames and water was seeping in.  My friend, Barb, gave me one of her old pairs to try.  When I shared the news with Noah this is how it went down:

"Noah, guess what?  Barb gave me a pair of swim goggles for you to use at swim lessons," I shared.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" He protested.

"Honey, they are green goggles just like the ones you had," I explained.

"No, they're pink!" He refuted.

"Look Noah, these goggles are not pink.  They are green -- same as yours," I said as I presented him with the replacement.

"No, they are not.  They are pink," he argued.

"Noah, they are not in any way close to the color pink.  They are green," I challenged.

"No, they are not.  They are pink," he continued.

"Noah, go to your room for five minutes," I said

Surprisingly he went to his room without complaint.  After the time had lapsed, I told him to come out and look at the goggles again.

"Noah, what color are these goggles?" I inquired.

"I don't know," he grumbled.

"Noah, they are green," I belabored.

"I guess they are a little green," he admitted.

Noah is very black and white with his thinking.  He doesn't like surprises and doesn't like it when things don't fit in the box he has previously put them in.  In this case, he associates the tutu-coveting, American Girl doll-loving, Braun girls with the color pink and could not fathom (even when he saw the green goggles with his own two eyes) that they would wear or own anything that wasn't pink.  I gave him (and myself) a time-out because sometimes all it takes is a few minutes for him to re-organize his thoughts and let his emotions catch up to his brain.

Today's incident reminds me of the time when he refused to take Girl Scout cookies in his lunchbox.  He thought the cookies were only meant for girls to eat and he was afraid that the boys at his lunch table would make fun of him.  Too bad I didn't let that one stand...I could have had all the Thin Mints to myself!  Now that alone should prove just how much I love this kid.

Noah sporting his "pink" goggles.

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  1. I grabbed Connor's hand and put it in the bowl of mac & cheese that over a half hour after it was served to end the "it's too hot" debate. Not one of my prouder parenting moments.