Monday, June 18, 2012

Whirlwind Weekend

Early Saturday morning our family participated in Action for Autism’s 4th Annual Family Fun Walk. Though after dragging Noah for the better part of two of the three miles, I would have to say “fun” is open to interpretation.  On the upside, the pancake breakfast sponsored by The Original Pancake House was delicious.  And, Silly Jilly and Joe the Juggler were on hand to turn my kid’s frown upside down!    Thanks so much to all our friends and family members who sent in donations.  Your support is helping to make our child and many more very happy. 

"Mom, we're finishers!" cheered Natalie.

Juggler Joe juggled machetes and flaming torches sometimes while playing the harmonica!

Natalie ordered a bumble bee while Noah opted for an alien spaceship.

We are on week 2 of Camp Happy Day and so far so…GREAT!   Noah was happy to see some familiar faces in his group.  And, I’m thrilled with Camp Happy Day’s line-up for the summer.  Not only is Noah receiving weekly speech therapy, math and reading support, but Camp is once again providing him with twice weekly swim lessons.  Swimming is fun and serves as occupational therapy for him.  If you want to know more about Camp Happy Day for your child or if you are interested in volunteering next year, please visit their website here.

My sister, Renee, is in town from Colorado with her three kids.  Considering it's been a year since we last saw them, we've been trying to cram in as much cousin hang time as possible.  The first day they pulled in we had an impromptu water balloon fight.  Seriously, the best dollar I ever spent.  It came with 100 balloons and a doohickey to attach to your water spigot. Thank you Target! 

Hayden didn't see it coming...but he sure felt it!

Hayden gets hit with a good one from his sister, Olivia, while Ella gets more ammo.

With my sister and her family in town, we organized a belated birthday party for Noah.  On Sunday we gathered grandparents, siblings and cousins to join us at our community pool.  We ate pizza and homemade chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches.  Though, I also made a cake…as it didn’t seem to matter to Noah that I had already made him an R2D2 cake on his actual birthday (May 30th)  He wanted R2D2 for his party.  So, I gave in…but I went easy on myself and used an R2D2 figure in place of one created from flour and sugar.  The bottom line -- he loved it anyway and was pleased with the result.  Phew.

R2D2 cake take 2 - yellow cake covered in chocolate ganache and  decorated with  chocolate buttercream

Checking out Noah's loot - Spy Gear that included a recording wire.  Great, just what a Mom needs.

Hayden takes a spin on the tire swing.

My beautiful SIL, Alicia and niece, Ella B.

"Just Jack" (with jazz hands) LURVED the slide.
Natalie gets a lift.
Miss O on the slide

Mr. Hamster

Ice cream sandwiches were a hit!

He loves his Mama!

Ella shows off her gymnastics skills

Hayden hot doggin' it on the diving board.

Dad putting his best face forward. 
Nat gives her Grandma Mary a squeeze.

Sunday also marked our 10th wedding anniversary.  But, with all the hoopla of entertaining guests, there wasn't much time for Steve and I to celebrate or even recognize this milestone.  Ten years is quite an accomplishment considering some of the roadblocks we've been up against over the years.  During the course of the day, though, we barely even spoke to each other as we were wrapped up in either taking care of the kids or acting as delightful hosts.  However, after it was all said and done and the kids were in bed and the party paraphernalia put away, Steve turned to me and said, "You make me want to be a better man."  And, so although Steve agrees that I am always right (or at least comes to that conclusion eventually) I think that in this case, I will concede and let him be right this time. When Steve throws out gems like that - it almost makes me forget about the times I want to put him (and the kids) in a headlock.   

Thank you God for blessing me with a loving and thoughtful husband and two, awesome kids.

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  1. Sounds like such a blast! LOVE Noah's eye-rolling picture while his sister hugs him.