Friday, June 22, 2012

Musings from Natalie #3

After several visits to the Missouri Botanical Garden's Plants and People Interactive China Exhibit:
Natalie: "Mom, I think I'm ready to try that Chinese pretend food now."
Me: "Honey, the food is made of felt.  You can't eat it."
Natalie: "No, I'm ready for you to make a recipe with Chinese food.  I think I'm used to it now." (Hmmm....maybe I should create felt versions of all my dishes she won't eat)
Natalie playing in the pretend Chinese kitchen complete with felt food at the MO. Botanical Gardens
"To enter you have to say the password," said Noah.
"Noah is so handsome," she retorted.
Well, if she doesn't choose a career in acting...
there's always politics.

"Hey Mom!  Listen to this!  I just crunched the song, The Wheels on the Bus!" exclaimed Natalie while she ate her lunch.  
(Amazing!  I'm calling up America's Got Talent right this minute!)

Natalie: "Mom!  You aren't playing with me."
Me: "Natalie, I'm trying to play with you, but it's not so much me playing, as you directing, and me watching you play."
Natalie: "Yeah, but you're OK with that, right?"
Natalie: "Mom!  Watch carefully for my next trick. Ok, close your eyes," she commanded.
Me: "Wait a minute.  You just told me to watch carefully.  How can I watch carefully with my eyes closed?"
Natalie: "Ok, so don't watch so close your eyes and you will be AMAZED!"
Natalie insisted on going to bed with her coon cap on.  Night Night  Queen Crockett

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