Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Monkey Business

"Mom, this is Simon and this is Jeanette.  They are on a date.  They are going on vacation to Colorado and then to Six Flags and then to Egypt," said Natalie.

"Wow!  They traveled far," I said.

"Yea...well, they brought water bottles with them...a 100 of them!  Then, they went home on Tuesday to eat breakfast," said Natalie

"Where is their home?" I asked.

"The jungle," said Natalie

"What did they eat?" I asked.

"Bananas and mangoes," said Natalie.

"They used to live in a city called French and they brought bread from French...LOTS of bread and they also brought potatoes and potato chips and chocolate chips.  Then they went to the beach to show their kids the sea creatures in the deep sea," said Natalie

"Wait a minute...I thought you said they were dating.  When did they get married and have kids?" I asked.

"Duh...on Monday," explained Natalie.

"The End." she said.

(Wow.  Now, that's some serious monkey business.)

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