Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Deep Thoughts from Noah

"I want a snack," said Noah

"How can you be hungry when you just ate an hour ago?," I asked.

"Well, I just want a snack in case I get hungry," explained Noah.

"Alayna tried to kiss me, but  I got away though.  It makes me nervous...about getting married," shared Noah

"Alayna will probably break up with me," continued Noah

"What would you do if that happened?" I asked.

"I wouldn't worry about it.  I could just remember the fun times we had and if she called me back I'd just say I don't care and she would never break up with me again...until the next day when it happened," explained Noah.


"Mom, will you ever outgrow your sickness?" asked Noah.

"You mean my allergies?" I asked.

"Yes," said Noah.

"No, I'll always be allergic to cats and dogs," I explained.

"Well, maybe when you get old and die, then I can get a dog if I act responsibly," shared Noah.

(Hmmm...there's always hope)

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  1. Oh my, you had me rolling as I was reading this post and the one before. The things kids say! My Little One is 21 months and is starting with it, it's so cute. Just wanted to say 'welcome' to SITS, I'm a recent newbie too and I find it a great community and learning environment :)