Saturday, July 21, 2012

Musings from Natalie #7

Me: "You are going to Noah's award ceremony tonight."
Natalie: "No, I'm not."
Me: "Yes, you are."
Natalie: "No, I'm not going.  I'm staying home."
Me: "Yes, you are going.  Do not talk back to me again."
Natalie: "Well, I was just trying to stand up for myself."

Noah: "My favorite radio station is Fresh 102.5. What's your favorite, Natalie?"
Natalie: "I like Jagger."
Noah: "No!  That's a song.  What's your favorite STATION?" .
Natalie: "I LIKE JAGGER!"
(They continued this ping pong convo until Noah had a heiny and I rationalized that it's got to be 5 o'clock somewhere.)

This week's "smokin' girl song comes from Gwen Stefani, "The Sweet Escape"

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