Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Personal Day

I need a personal shopper...for my kids.  However, this professional would also be required to take my kids along for the excursion and leave me at home to eat bonbons and finish Charlaine Harris' latest offering.  I rarely go shopping...except to the grocery store or when it's absolutely necessary to hold my mental state together.  And, I almost never tote my kids along; which explains why when I loaded them up in the car to mundanely shop at Kohl's for socks, underwear and shoes, they were completely enamored with the box store.  I knew enough of the chain's layout to park at the entrance nearest the shoe aisle. However, the moment Natalie's feet crossed the threshold, she announced she needed to go to the bathroom located on the opposite end of the store.  As we passed the models and endless displays, Natalie's inner shopper seemed to have awakened.  "Mom! Would you take me here on my bertday?  Look at those cute shoes!" she announced, as she pointed to a mannequin wearing stilettos.  "Look at all that jewelry!  It's so sparkly!" she squealed as she tugged my arm to point out nearly every item we passed.  

After visiting the facilities we headed back to shoes. They had a nice selection of Skecher's.  They even had the same z-strap shoe as Noah's current pair. However, no amount of cajoling on my part could convince Noah that he would be happy with shoes that didn't light up.

"But Charlie has light up ones!" he whined.

"In a size 5?" I countered.

Since I could not reach a middle ground with him, I decided to tackle the remaining items on our list. Upon arriving in the department of unmentionables, I discovered that Kohl's may offer discount prices, but they are ruthless with their marketing tactics.  They have all their toys arranged next to socks and skivvies.  So, while I searched for Noah's size, I listened to Natalie tell me how much she needed a $20 Monster High doll called Draculaura.  Sorry, my dear, but no 5 year old of mine needs a sexed up Barbie with glitter and fangs. Incredibly, Noah then shares that he needs to go to the bathroom.

"We just came from the bathroom.  Why didn't you go when Natalie went?"  I asked.

"You didn't tell me to go!" he answered.

While Noah shifted his weight from side to side, waiting for me to respond, I closed my eyes and counted to 10. As we trekked back over to the bathrooms, I decided I'd reached my own "Shop til you drop" threshold, only in my case, I had purchased nothing, but was ready to drop down on the floor and have a huge fit outside the Misses department.  And, I realized I don't need a personal shopper...just a personal day.  T-minus 29 days and counting til school resumes.  


  1. Not trying to 1 up you here... but...can you imagine me (the mom) taking Eraka (the daughter) shopping for school clothes from about 8th grade on? Ames has 1 shopping mall an not the best at that... Many x's I wanted to just go to a dressing room, pull the curtain and cry. All is good now though.

  2. Oh you poor thing! I too have days where I just feel like dropping... and my son will be 2 in December! I've often feared that he might have autism, and reading some of your posts (I've read about 20 since I found your blog an hour ago), I still worry. I don't know how you do it, I'm amazed by you. *hugs*

    1. Sara,

      Thanks for your sweet note. I hope that you don't need my help, but if you do -- I am more than happy to listen and share what worked for us. Try not to worry, and just take things day by day.