Friday, July 27, 2012

Musings from Natalie #8

Overhead while Noah and Natalie were playing restaurant with Nat's play kitchen:

"I'll be the cook," said Noah.
"No, I'll be the cook.  You be the dishwasher," instructed Natalie
"I don't want to be the dishwasher," said Noah.
"But, the dishwasher is a VERY important job!" promised Natalie.
"Fine." surrendered Noah

"Mom, is that a sausage dog?" asked Natalie while pointing to a dachshund.

Me: "Are you having fun with Grandma?"
Natalie: "I'm having buckets of fun...100 BUCKETS!"

(Hmmm...was this before or after Grandma bought you a Monster High doll?)

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