Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Know What You Mean #3

"Mom, they have hamitizer at camp," announced Natalie

(I don't think they were hypnotizing cured pork while at camp.  Rather, I think she was enamored by the sweet-smelling hand sanitizer available in the bathrooms.)

"Natalie, did you know that if you eat too much sugar it will make you viper?" said Noah

(I don't think he meant consuming sugar would transform Natalie into a snake...which is a good thing or else I'd be a 20 ft python by now.  Rather, I think he meant too much sugar would make her hyper).

"Mom, come whiff me," said Natalie while we swam at our community pool.
(I don't think she wanted me to check to make sure she didn't stink.  Rather, I think she wanted me to come with her to the lazy river float.

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