Thursday, July 5, 2012

I Know What You Mean #2

If you are a parent then you are probably well versed in the language of Kidese (kid-EEZ). However, dialects and terms vary greatly among the population of the pint-sized group. Here are this week's  phrases that Natalie has tossed out and I've tried to catch her true meaning.

"Mom, Noah is always giving me nuts!" yelled Natalie
Since Natalie is allergic to peanuts, I'm pretty sure he wasn't trying to give her any legumes. I think she meant Noah quite often makes her nuts.

"Mom, can you help me find Ariel's boobs?" asked Natalie
Although models and celebs are known to change their cup sizes quite regularly, I don't know of any dolls sold by Disney that offer that option.I think she may have meant she needed help finding her mermaid's bikini top.

"Yea, Dad...if you lived in South Africa then you could shoot cantaloupe!" cheered Nat
Although it is difficult to land a good, ripe cantaloupe.  I don't think it requires firearms, only a little thumping with your thumb.  I think she meant to say antelope.

"Mom, did you buy any moo moo's?" inquired Natalie.
Since we don't live in the country and have no room to house a cow, I think she may have meant Moo Tubes -- the sugary snack marketed as push-up yogurt for kids.

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