Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Invisible Drama

As I headed to the kitchen to investigate a ruckus ensuing between the kids, Natalie rushed up to me with tears streaming.  She was wailing so loudly I could barely understand what she was saying.  Finally, she calmed down enough for me to make out, "Noah just SAT on my invisible friend!" she sobbed.

"I was just kidding," shrugged Noah.  Then, he walked over to an empty chair and proceeded to apologize to her airy-playmate.  To which Natalie responded by raising her protest to an ear-bleeding octave.

"Natalie, he was just kidding.  Isn't your friend ok, now?" I inquired. While in my head, I couldn't really believe that I was even having this conversation.  I looked around  half-expecting to see the host from Candid Camera appear from behind my fridge.

"Noooooooo......He's flat!" she bawled.

Noah strolled over to the vacant seat once again and pretended to "re-inflate" Nat's invisible friend.

I don't think there are two kids on the planet who know better how to create drama...
out of thin air, than my two darlings.


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