Monday, July 9, 2012

Get a Dream...Get a Job...Get Me Outta Here!

Where would I be without the library's fantastic summer line-up of live entertainment, craft sessions and movie showings?  I tell you where I'd be...I'd be baking my head in the triple digit, St. Louis heat at some park because my two Tasmanian Devils have too much energy and we have too little house for them to run around in.  On Thursday, my reprieve from the scorching heat was all thanks to Juggling Jeff.  The Tesson Ferry Branch invited him to not only entertain, but encourage and teach kids how to make their dreams come true.  He got the crowd fired up by inviting the pint-sized bunch to share their dreams.  And, while some had lofty dreams of becoming an opera singer or a race car driver -- none of them came close to the altitude of Natalie's aspiration of becoming a bird when she grows up.  She shared her feather fantasy with me on the car ride over and was very disappointed to learn that the closest she would come to flying would be in an airplane.  

During his show, Juggling Jeff took the kids on a journey of reaching their dreams by following a few easy steps.  First, he challenged them to get a really big dream and then position it deep in their heart. This involved the kids reaching their hands into the air and seemingly grabbing their dreams with their bare hands and then purposefully stuffing them deep into their chests.  His antics were met with wild enthusiasm from the audience of youngsters as reflected by their ear-bleeding squeals. 

Juggling Jeff used his dream of becoming a professional juggler as the model and shared that one of the first things he did was study and learn everything he could about juggling. The next steps involved practicing and finding a team of experts to help you accomplish your dream.  At this point Natalie turned to me and whispered,"Will you be on my team?"

"Of course," I replied. However, to myself I thought I better figure out how best to channel her creative energy or I'm going to end up with a kid who works at fast food joint sporting a chicken suit.

Juggling Jeff 
And, while Juggling Jeff began the show juggling tennis balls the size of beach balls, as he continued through the dream-reaching steps of focus and persistence, his tricks became more difficult.  His grand finale involved him getting out of a strait jacket while staying atop a large, spinning yoga ball.

As soon as the show ended Natalie grabbed my arm and yanked me towards the bookshelves.  "Mom!  Let’s go get some books right now and find out what I’m going to grow up to be!" she exclaimed.

On the car ride home I asked the kids,"What’s your dream?" As you can imagine, I received two very different responses.  

Me: "What’s your dream?"
Noah: "Nothing.  I didn’t dream anything last night."
Me: "No.  What do you want to be?"
Noah: "I just want to be myself."
Me: "No.  What do you want to do when you grow up?"
Noah: "Nothing.  I don’t want a job. When we get home can I just play this Sonic video game I checked out?"

Me: "What’s your dream?"
Natalie: "I want to be EVERYTHING!"
This was followed by "Mom, can I study this when I get home?" she asked while holding up the companion CD to the "DK Eyewitness Evolution" book she had checked out. 

"Sure," I responded.

As I fumbled with the door carrying a load of books into the house, Natalie asked, "Mom can I be a lot of people and have a lot of jobs --like a zookeeper and a lab scientist and an ocean helper?"  Before I could even answer she was already headed to her room with an armful of books and said, "OK, mom, I’m going in my room to study now," as she closed her door behind her.  

A few minutes later she emerged wearing a pink satin dancer dress with a notepad and pencil in her hands and said, "Mom, I can't draw a dancer. 
 I need to draw what I see on the T.V. so that I don’t forget what I learn,"  However, since I couldn't draw fast enough, she decided it would be better if she just took photos of the T.V. screen while she had "Adventures with Dance" playing in the DVD player.

A short while after Natalie announced, "Mom, I wanna be in a show,”

"What a coincidence," I stated. "Because Daddy and I just signed you up for drama camp, today actually," I continued.

"What’s drama camp?" she inquired.

"Remember how you told me you wanted to be an actor?  At drama camp you'll learn how to perform for an audience.  You'll also learn about set design and how to make costumes," I explained.

“I want to be in charge,” she responded.

"Oh, then you want to be a director.  But, before you can be a director and tell everyone what to do you have to learn and understand how all the parts of the show work," I stated.  
Uncharacteristically she did not respond.  She just gave me a smirk and then turned on her heel and headed off to her room to continue watching her dance video.

Dear God:
Stop jokin' around.

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  1. om...this is her best one yet! I can't wait to see what she becomes... :)